Armorer works Hx2502


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Armorer Works newest release with the best features you’ll ever look for on an pistol. It features a customized, ported, lighter, skeletonized HI-CAPA slide, hammer, and trigger. The gun also comes pre-assembled with a full metal striker head with integrated lower accessory rail for an aggressive look.

  • Hexcut cylinder head assembly & full metal barrel
  • The body is made of highly resistant polymer
  • Mounting rail for accessories
  • Cylinder head with grooves design
  • Strong feeling of recoil for a GBB
  • Fiber optics
  • Works with both gas and CO2
  • Ø6 precision barrel. 03mm
  • Magwel (flush charger well) for quick reloading
  • Ultra wear resistant paints – anodized parts
  • No play in the assemblies
  • Almost non-existent degassing
  • Go everywhere with 330 FPS!
  • Tapping for silent mounting
  • 30 ball loader
  • Barrel length: 110mm
  • Weight without the charger: 715g
  • Charger weight: 335g
  • I FREE bag 0.20g G&G P.S.B.P. Seamless 6mm Airsoft BBs – 5000rd Bag – WHITE


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